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Heaps Stoked are made up of 1 part entertainer, 1 part engineer, and a little overspill of weird and wonderful.

Musicians and artists at the core, our li'l duo have found love in a 4K place. Having produced, directed, and starred in our own videos before, there's always been a passion to create heaps-great visual content wherever, and whenever, we want. And now we do!


Our Producer/Director: Maxon.

She is one of the most organised creatives you'll ever meet. People have said so. She doesn't know why they think this.

A singer-songwriter born and raised on Peninsulian air and spoondrift, with a voice to blow those beach houses down, Maxon is a working musician (published too, check her out on Spotify) smashing open doors for the big voices of Oz. She runs her very own showcase 'Leading Lights' that featured at Small Time early 2021, and is dedicated to always improving the music scene on the Mornington Peninsula.

"With a Bachelor in Communications" is how this sentence should begin, because you wouldn't know it were untrue if we didn't tell you. She excels at calming the talent, and keeping everyone's mood in check. Like a candle. Patchouli.

Photo 13-4-21, 9 38 12 am.jpg

Our Creative Director/Cinematographer: Nayomi.

She's an ideas gal who often requires help scaling them back. People have said so. People have done so.

A songwriter and audio engineer born in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, with big dreams and loud messages, Nay is obsessive. You won't feel more than bold, red passion streaming from her lips, as she is quickly making film production and photography her entire world. Also a published artist, Like Bear has a coupl'a tracks up too. 

And the 'Most Stoked by an Outing' award goes to... Nay loves any quest, however big or small; adventurous or insignificant. Her talent lies in finding everything to be pretty sick, and scaling boundary walls to feel the breeze. Like a dog. Mixed breed. 


Together, we're stoked - heaps. And we wanna work with you to get your videos and content sorted. So hit us up!

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